Welcome My Dear Friends

Welcome My Dear Friends
O, Lord, in the simplicity of my heart, I offer myself to Thee today, to be Thy servant forever, to obey Thee, and to be a sacrifice of perpetual praise." ~Thomas a 'Kempis~ WELCOME TO PAMELA'S LANE

Christmas Countdown

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

Some normal views of the house.

Christmas of the Present - 2014 (Ending soon!!!!!!!) Part 2

The inside of my home.  I just love the look of it.

The doorway.

My Christmas Tree.  I just love her.

Same unused sink but different decoration.

Christmas tree - a smaller version

Hanukkah Candles

An all together a different arrangement on Santa's shoes.

One decoration I really adore is my mother.  She lights up my house.

Another one of my decoration. A special corner of the house

A coffee table decoration.

Christmas of the Present - 2014 (Ending soon!!!!!!!) Part 1

This year my decorations were not as astounding as last year or the year before.  Hopefully this coming New Year will give me more fantastic ideas in doing my house decorations.

I am learning how to use apps to make my photography look special.  I am learning so bear with me. My creation of flights standing tall.

Star of David in a different look.

At Parkson Ipoh Parade. 2013

A tour to Parkson Ipoh Parade

Christmas 2013 - Jusco Kinta City

A Christmas view at Jusco

A walk with my Lady during Christmas in 2013

I took my mother out for lunch at Johnny's.  A Thai Restaurant. She loves to eat their fired rice.  It was something small I did for her.  I am glad I made her happy

Christmas Spirit All Year Long

Christmas 2013 - Presents

Presents all wrapped for 2013 Christmas

Christmas 2013 - Inside of my house

The inside of my house.  A comfortable and a warm home.  We have been staying there since 1976.

Christmas 2013 - Christmas of the past (Part 2)

The Outside of my House. It needs a fresh coat of paint.  Perhaps in 2015 we could have this done.